About us or Who we are

Ella Barrington
Managing director

A reformed engineer, Ella is an award-winning business and operations director for motorsport.

She has worked with and for teams and tier one suppliers in everything from karting to international sportscars, junior formula to historic racing.

Martyn Hoyer
Digital director

Martyn is in charge of all things online. Through working for small agencies to multinational technology companies, Martyn has a passion for the web.

Combined with his knowledge of professional motorsport, he understands what works and what doesn’t across multiple platforms.

Why us?

  • We have comprehensive industry experience. We know motorsport in and out.
  • We build networks of experts and specialists that you can rely on. Our contacts are yours.
  • We understand the continuous progress required to keep ahead of the competition. We don't stop.
  • We constantly evolve, adapt and incorporate new technology and tactics. For clients and for ourselves.

Our name explained

When we were thinking about starting this company we came across the original definition of a concierge. Far from just a person in a hotel lobby making arrangements for VIP guests, the concierge was an important part of running of medieval palaces.

They were in charge of lighting all the candles at dusk. The concierge continued to walk the corridors during the dark hours to ensure that the residents and guests were able to move around safely. In the morning they extinguished the candles to avoid wasting expensive wax.

Although making arrangements for VIPs is part of what we do, we thought that the older definition better described what we do. We provide "light" through our knowledge and know-how to allow companies to go about their business.

We work diligently behind closed doors to maintain that enlightenment so our clients do not have to. Our services are commissioned only when required, avoiding wasting expensive permanent employment costs, just like the candle wax.

Corse is a word synonymous with motorsport meaning race or short trip. What we work on is often inherently short in duration.

And with that, Corse Concierge was born.