About us or Who we are

Ella Barrington
Managing director

If your business needs someone with a strategic mind, an eye for process and an unwavering determination to do things better, Ella’s the person to call.

An award-winning business and operations director, Ella carved her career in the ambitious world of motorsport. She knows how to deliver the performance edge you need to overtake your biggest competition.

Martyn Hoyer
Digital director

Martyn is in charge of all things online. He is passionate about utilising technology to make life more efficient.

With experience in small agencies and multinational technology companies, Martyn can make the web work for you, whatever your industry. Whether you want to make your website accessible to all, or just take your first steps into the digital world, he can help.

Alison Barrington
Company Concierge

With 25 years of administrative experience, Alison is adaptable and efficient under pressure. Equally at home in our office or working with our clients, her down-to-earth approach makes her an invaluable part of a team. She keeps things running smoothly for our business and yours.

When you need exceptional customer service and attention to detail, you need Alison.

Why us?

There are three fundamental things we learned in motorsport that help us to add value to businesses in every sector:

  • Innate curiosity

    We’re continuously looking for ways to improve your business operations; what is the next thing we can do better?

  • Intelligent strategy

    Everything we put in place is mapped to your end goals; how can we deliver quicker, better, bigger growth?

  • Intensive approach

    Our experience working to tight deadlines and strict budgets makes us experts in getting stuff done; what results can we deliver today?

Importantly, we give you the choice about how we work together. Either we give you the knowledge and tools to take back to your business, or we can become a part of your team and add value day-in, day-out.

Our name explained

When we were thinking about starting this company we came across the original definition of a concierge. Not just a person in a hotel lobby making arrangements for guests, the concierge was an important part of running of medieval palaces.

They were in charge of lighting all the candles at dusk. The concierge walked the corridors during the dark hours so residents and guests were able to move around safely. In the morning they extinguished the candles to avoid wasting expensive wax.

Although making arrangements for guests is part of what we do, we thought that the older definition better described what we do. We provide "light" to allow companies to go about their business.

Behind closed doors we maintain our enlightenment so you don't have to. Our services are commissioned only when required, just like the candle wax.

Corse is a word synonymous with motorsport meaning race or short trip. What we work on is often inherently short in duration.

And with that, Corse Concierge was born.