We like making stuff happen for busy people. If you don’t have time for travel bookings or the enthusiasm for event planning, we’ll do it for you.

When you start a business you don’t usually do it because you love the admin. But running a business means admin. Often more than you were expecting.

Whilst you’re travelling in another time zone or working on a time-consuming project, we can make sure that things keep moving behind the scenes. Diary management and digital bookkeeping are at the centre of our service.

We don’t just stop there. You’ll be assigned your own Company Concierge who’ll make it look easy. We’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your behalf. You need the best price or the next flight? We can do that.

We’re more than just virtual assistants. We’re proactive problem solvers, policy writers and report readers. The people that remind you not to wash your receipts, and to remember your passport. We’ll make sure that your accountants get the right numbers every time, whilst your client gets your full attention.

Corse Concierge doesn’t just provide support to CEOs and self-employed superstars. Your whole team can work with us. We can be your co-ordinator or your customer services department. We’ll make stuff happen whatever you choose.

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